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Una Breve Historia de la Biblioteca

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Library pioneer Gayle Dunaway Adams
(Gaylita) still volunteers
at the Puerto Aventuras Library

Volunteer librarian
Dorothy Beeler shelving books

The Puerto Aventuras library opened its doors on March 1st 2004, thanks to the hard work of its founders, Babs Griswold and Gayle Dunaway Adams.

In 2003 Gayle was very involved with the Colegio, a private school offering bi-lingual education for the children in the fast growing population of Puerto Aventuras and surrounding area. She saw there was a need for a library to serve the needs of both the students and the community. At the time, the only local resource for English language books was a bookstore in Puerto Morelos, which was only open during the winter months. Gabriela Kozelj, Directora General of the Colegio, very much wanted the Colegio to be a central meeting point for the community of Puerto Aventuras, and so was enthusiastic about helping. She was too busy with the needs of the school to spearhead the project herself, but offered the use of a room in the school for the library.

Not knowing who else to ask for help, Gayle started collecting books and attempting to catalog and organize them in her limited spare time. One day she was visiting Babs Griswold and noticed boxes of Spanish language books stored under her table. Babs explained she was helping start a library across the highway in Puerto Aventuras pueblo. Gayle told her about her dream of getting a library started on the marina side of the highway, and the very next day Babs visited with Gabriela at the Colegio and the library was born.

Babs worked daily in the new library, with Gayle helping out as much as possible. Together they tirelessly collected books, brought shelves, cataloged, labeled and turned an empty classroom into a library. Signs were put in the hotels asking tourists to leave their vacation books as donations, and duplicates were taken to Puerto Morelos and swapped out with the bookstore there. Soon Jeannie Teal joined as a volunteer, and together the three ladies created the library we have today.

From the first four boxes of children’s books the library now has a collection of approximately 10,000 children’s, young adult, fiction and non-fiction books in English and Spanish.

The library still has no formal income, and so all books and materials are donated, and all staff are volunteers. Future plans include a children’s reading program and storytime, a computer for public use and expansion into a second room. Donations of both time and money to help these plans become reality would be very much appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer, please contact the library at or stop by during library hours; 2:30pm to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

* REGULAR HOURS Monday through Friday* 2:30pm to 4:30pm